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In Other News

The telly's been just mad with JFK explainers and reminiscences. I've 'ad it up to 'ere. I don't mean to downplay the significance of a US President's assassination, but goh blimey, I hate to think what the 50th'll be like. Worst of the bunch has been Chris Matthews's little MSNBC program. The Camelot business is just so awkward these days, but some people, beholden to their viewers' demos, are not at liberty to let it go.

On a somewhat related note, Chris has devoted nearly the entirety of this week's Wednesday and Thursday shows to Bush's state visit to the UK. I'm sorry, what I meant to say was that Chris has devoted the entirety of those two shows to the Jacko arrest. You just know Chris was dying inside. MSNBC said, this is the big story and this is what you will cover. No one cares about international politics. His ratings being what they are (which is to say relatively low), Chris could only say, yes sir. May I comment on important things on Friday? MSNBC said, situation cloudy, ask again later.

Chris Matthews is a great TV host. His show is one of the best among all those cable news channel shows. I disagreed with his stance on Iraq, and on his devoting his show Hardball to that cause. But even so, he deserves better than having to host these Micheal Jackson crime shows as if he were some kind of Greta van fucking Susteren.

I say what I want on this little blog, and no one pays me for my trouble. I have a real job for that. But Chris Matthews was a real whore this week. Which is more important, Chris- the three pillars or Jacko? Poor, sorry bastard.


So What's the BBC's Point?

BBC Headline: Ex-soldier convicted as Washington sniper.

The BBC doesn't mention why Muhammad's ex-profession is any more headline-worthy than other aspects of the killer's life, like, say, his current religion.

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